Bali 4.8 – catamaran with 6 cabins

What distinguishes Bali 4.8?

Oh! it is a great catamaran and it has a lot of cool features. The Bali 4.8 has wide sterns with a minimum number of steps. This increases the comfort when bathing, because the last step is used as a bathing platform. Besides, the sterns are connected by … a footbridge. From the stern, let’s go to the cockpit.

  • And here the cockpit is connected with the living room and kitchen, which makes the living area on Bali 4.8 really spacious. All in all, it’s an understatement, it’s a mega space!

A large living space, ease of movement and the feeling that it is almost at home, it turns out that this is not all … Going from the stern to the bow, we can smoothly walk through the living room and kitchen and go to the very front.

  • This is possible because the Bali 4.8 has an exit from the saloon to the front cockpit (no need to fly around the saloon!)


Although catamarans are convenient and comfortable in everyday use, it turned out that something else can be improved 


. One is the exit to the front cockpit, but the cockpit itself is not bad either.

  • The bow cockpit on the Bali 4.8 has a table and sofas and

Besides, where “normally” catamarans have nets, here (and in other Bali models as well) there is a huge surface of mattresses for sunbathing. You will not look like ham anymore, because you have been lying on the net for an hour


The Bali 4.8 catamaran is also spacious. If we have an exceptionally large crew and everyone has to fit in comfortable conditions, this catamaran will do. It can sleep 12 people and a skipper. It is true that there was a loss in the size of the cabins, especially since each (!) Has its own bathroom. The smallest, but it has. In addition, 2 cabins have bunk beds, which is OK when you go with children, but if there are 6 pairs, you have to toss a coin


  • The Bali 4.8 catamaran has 6 2-person cabins, two of which with bunk beds (usually on catamarans of this size there are a maximum of 5 cabins) and 6 bathrooms!


Additionally, the Bali 4.8 catamaran has a large upper deck with space for a skipper and sunbathing mattresses .

Looking at the inside and outside, we could move in there. We like the spaciousness and the communication facilities. We know that it can be different with seafaring properties and seaworthiness, but we do not choose the Bali 4.8 catamaran to Biskaje in winter … Such a house on the water would suit us very well. Especially since the area (flat) is over 112 m2, so there is a lot to run

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